Corporate Profile


Aphesis (pronounced Ah-fee-sis) means Freedom.  As a software company, that is what we seek to provide to our clients, allowing them to focus on what is most important to them.
The company was incorporated in Trinidad and Tobago in 2009. Aphesis is run by a board of directors.

IT should never hold a company to ransom. At all times it should be an enabler, it should allow staff to do what they do better. Too many times the progress of a company is thwarted by IT systems that fail, either because it wasn’t flexible enough to adjust to a business’s changing and growing requirements or it fell short at the very start, not having been built according to the set requirements. Our aim is to change that.

Every company has an objective. No company or organization wants to stay the same place but to over time grow, to increase its reach, to gain new markets, to go from here—where the organization is currently at to there—where desired growth is achieved. Our objective at Aphesis is to get you there. And we do this by the products and services we offer.

We began business in 2009. We were incorporated in Trinidad and Tobago, but our intended reach is global. We bring 10+ years of industry experience with us.

Products and Services
We offer custom application development for the Web and Windows environment. We employ the latest development methodologies and processes, but experience has taught us that the most important ingredient in excellent software is an excellent relationship with our clients.

Aphesis is big on research which allows us to be quick and agile in today’s changing IT world.