We don’t have a mission or a vision statement, we have a philosophy that we subscribe to everyday. Aphesism (pronounced Ah-fee-sism, don’t bite your tongue off) is what we believe in. It beseeches us to free our mind, to not conform, to not blindly follow but to lead, innovate, look for new, novel and ultimately better ways of doing things.

Free thinkers—that is what we aspire to be; for it is such people who looked at things differently, who did not always accept the way things were done and devised new ways of doing things that led the way in technology advancement in the world.

Information Technology is not yours or belongs to all of us and if we just free our mind we can envision creative ways to harness its power to improve the things we do on a daily basis, to become more productive, more efficient, more effective, to achieve things we once thought impossible and ultimately improve the way of life in our community and country.

Aphesis…free your mind!